About Us

         Butterfly Wing Bling, LLC is our company that has been producing the premier line of real butterfly wing jewelry in the US for almost seven years now.  We own, live and work from a former elementary school building on five acres in the Kansas countryside. 

         We use the real wings of expired butterflies we obtain from butterfly exhibits, butterfly farmers and suppliers from all over the world. We DO NOT kill butterflies. The typical lifespan of a butterfly is two to three weeks after they emerge from their chrysalis. Once they have lived their short life they are sent to us to be "recycled".  We call ourselves a "Butterfly Recycling Center".   We then "recycle" the butterflies into a variety of products. The specimens that are in perfect or near perfect condition are used in our acrylic display boxes and "Butterfly Bubbles".

         A very small percentage of the specimens are in good enough condition for the displays, so then we have another option.   Even though most of the wings are chipped or cracked around the edges, the interior portion of the wing is usually in pretty good shape. It is this portion that we can cut or punch out to use in our jewelry.  We use several jewelry making processes to preserve the wing. Our process involves a multi-layer, multi-day process to make sure the wing is permanently sealed to protect it from moisture and humidity.  

        For the wing parts that can't be used for the displays or jewelry, we have one more option.  Through a special process we have created, the wing parts are assembled into small collages and turned into magnets.  These "refrigerator" magnets become unique one of a kind pieces of art.  

      We hope you will add a Butterfly Wing Bling product to your life and help us celebrate the joy and beauty of these amazing creatures. 

        "Mother Nature lets the beauty of the Butterfly last a few weeks.........

We let it last Forever".


          Thanks so much for stopping by............. (L to R )   Byron,  Christina & David