Sterling Silver - Bracelet - Double-sided - 7 Round Links

by Butterfly Wing Gifts
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     This Sterling Silver bracelet is a very unique piece of jewelry. It features seven round links that are double-sided.  The round links are 12mm in diameter with a 10mm setting. The two sides are different giving you two completely different looks.  The most popular version features the seven colors of the rainbow using the wings of seven different butterflies on one side. This is a great daytime colorful and fun look. If you are going out for the evening and want a more subtle, sophisticated look, then just flip it over to the elegant beauty of the Blue Morpho butterfly.  

    Look through the list to find the combination that suits your personality the best. 

    The toggle clasp with two connecting loops makes it a 7" or 8" bracelet, depending on which loop you use to fasten.  

    Species identification cards are included to help you identify the butterflies used in your bracelet. 

     For more information about the process we use to preserve the butterfly wings in the jewelry, see the "about us" section of this website.